Folding Sliding Glass Doors

For an open airy feel folding sliding glass doors are a must for a home.  A patio should have the right entrance to and from the inside of a house and when you can have both, it is simply wonderful.

I think about the many places I have visited in my life.  Some of them are just right to have this as part of the home plans.  Other places were too rainy or cold where perhaps, that climate is not best suited for such an addition.

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If you are in a place that has a lot of sun and a cool temperature, then the twelve ideas presented today are great ways to think about your own home and how you can create an amazing living space.

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Sliding Glass Doors: Interior Sliding Doors – 12 Wonderful Ideas for the Home

Stunning Blue Open Glass Sliding Doors

What a lovely living room inside featuring very tall ceilings.  That same concept was carried here with tall models that easily fold away should the weather be cooperating. The size of the glass panes is good creating a solid foundation of strength and allowing for great visibility from within.

Clear Tempered Glass Sliding Barn Door

Folding Glass Sliding Doors

I always enjoy night time pictures and being able to look in a house and see how the lighting and furnishings all come together.   This example features single pane glass in each of the folds. Based on the hinge construction it looks to be very easy to lock it up or pull it apart allowing almost any family member to be able to pull off that task.


Full Side Glass Folding Doors

Now, this idea is a little more challenging in that there are two sides that open up.  A corner will take more work to get it exact and create a tight seal when it is needed.  Notice that there is no eave for protection from the rain.

This is a more calculated risk by the homeowner since water finds its way through the smallest of cracks.  That being said, it must be great to have a house be this open and enjoy lunch at the dining table while enjoying the panoramic view.


Glass Sliding Doors Onto Patio

The patio featured here is smaller and narrower, but the designer was still able to create an open-air style.  A nice neutral metal color was used that blends well with the contemporary features of the home.


Enclosed Glass Folding Doors In Wood

Wood trim was used here as opposed to metal framing.  I wanted to show that there are other options to choose from in the choice of framing.   When I first saw the fake grass, I was thinking about a putting green.  That would have been a clever addition for a golfer.


Sliding Kitchen Doors


Sliding Living Room Doors

If I were out on this wooden deck I would be relaxed too while reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine.  To me, that looks like a wonderful departure from the daily grind of the city and a busy job.


Full Circle Sliding Doors

This design is just stupendous!  I cannot imagine a track that is circular.  The cost will be a consideration here if you choose to do something similar to this.

Of all the folding sliding glass doors in the list, this concept really opened my eyes the most.


Folding Kitchen Doors

Notice that the size of each fold is larger than some examples.  Consult with the construction person you work with to find out the pros and cons of larger versus smaller.  There can be cost differences and one may be more vulnerable to maintenance repairs.


Patio Sliding Doors

Here is another small example that is constructed in more of an urban area.  I can see the brick home beyond the fence.   They did a great job in creating privacy and can still enjoy the open air feel.


Sliding Bedroom Doors

I can so see a pool behind that table and chair set.  That would be so much fun for the family and the parents could easily hear what the children are up to.


Folding Glass Doors Opening to Home Patio