Flipt Living Room Chairs Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It is always fun to find great concepts in design that make living easier. Flipt living room chairs fall into this category. First off, this is great looking modern furniture that adds elegance to any room. I am always drawn to this sleek design and its minimal roots as it tends not to over power the decorating balance in a room. The great feature of Flipt is that it is two chairs in one. You can have it extended out as a lounge chair or fold it back onto itself so it is just a regular chair. This clever design was created by Jeff Miller. I do like the yellow and white colors and how they play when the chair is folded back or in its extended position. With space being so limited in many big cities, living room chairs that can be multi-functional like Flipt are great ideas.

Flipt Lounge Chairs

Modern Seating
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