Flexible Children’s Furniture Changes from Baby to Toddler

Designer, Roberto Gil created the look and feel of the Casa Kids flexible children’s furniture collection available at Design Public. The white furniture is accented with stained wood trim to create an overall contrast that can help the nursery in your home “stand out”. The dresser has a changing table that can be ordered as a separate accessory for $220. One of the aspects about this product that I like is that it will grow well with your child. The crib has conversion kits where it can become a toddler bed and then a twin bed as your child grows. I do like the overall look of the furniture and think that as a child gets older, the pieces will still fit his or her age and remain “design friendly” for a bedroom. Pricing: dresser – $940; armoire – $900; crib – $980.
Casa Kids Nursery Furniture
Casa Kids Ola Dresser and Changing Table.jpg
convertible baby crib.jpg