Flat-Fold by Min Kong Is a Digital Faucet for Modern Bathrooms

Currently a finalist of the Recce Bathroom Innovation Awards, the Flat-Fold is an interesting bathroom concept imagined by designer Min Kong. We’re looking at a modern, out-of-the-box, faucet idea that will fit nicely with our futuristic homes. We’re looking at a digital faucet that comes with an intuitive touch-sensitive panel that will help you customize your hands-washing experience in order to offer you an even more enjoyable experience. You can control factors like water flow, pressure or temperature with a simple touch. Once you’re done washing, simply slide the faucet back against the wall and your bathroom will end up having a very modern but also a minimalistic appearance in no time.

digital faucet

digital faucets

fold-out faucet

fold-out faucets

electronic faucet

electronic faucets

digital bathroom fixtures

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