Finnish Company Specializes In Patterned Concrete

Patterned Concrete is getting a makeover by the design community and after the Photo-Engraved options which we covered last year we put the spotlight on Finnish company Graphic Concrete. As the name suggests, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing concrete that can be etched with images so that their surfaces reverberate with individuality and leave a lasting impression. Founder Samuli Naamanka explains that the process is complex and involves “special kind of coated film at a prefabrication plant… the film is printed on pre-defined spots with conventional printing technique, using a surface retarder. The designed pattern is created on the surface of the concrete slab as a result of the contrast effect between the fairface and the exposed, fine aggregate surface.” Sounds complicated but the end result is stunning and kudos for Concrete Graphic for freeing the consumer from the obligatory choices and obliterating all the utilitarian clichés associated with concrete.

Building By Concrete Graphic
Private Home By Concrete Graphic
Patterned Walls By Concrete Graphic