I came across this decorative outdoor trash can and immediately fell in love with it.  Let’s face it.  There is no good place for refuse.  Often it can mar a landscape with its ugliness and take away from the beauty of nature.  So how do you conceal it in a way that your green space is not ruined?   That is where the FGP from LandscapeForms comes in.  On first glance it may appear as a product you would see in a city park or green space adjoining an office building.   We have to think beyond that.  I first imagined this idea in a backyard of a home where perhaps there is a pool or just a nice terrace.  The wood and metal are so clean and lovely and devoid of the ugliness that a rubber can has.   For a family, trash is a way of life.  Kids will be drinking and eating and need a place for the litter to go.  This is a great solution.

LandscapeForms product by Francisco Gomez Paz

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This product features great construction combing wood and anodized cast aluminum.  The wood slats provide the support and strength in the frame whereas the aluminum provides the toughness needed at the top.   The hinged lid swings easily open making changing a trash bag a simple task.

matching park bench and trash can collection

It is also good to see the matching bench that Francisco Gomez Paz created for LandscapeForms.   This pair would look so beautiful out near a pool or a backyard of a home.   The seating is also constructed of the same durable elements providing lots of lifetime in the event weathering.

decorative outdoor trash can wood aluminum construction

The close up view shows more of the construction features and how the decorative outdoor trash can comes together.  It holds can hold up to a 17 gallon capacity offering ample space for refuse.  For safety reasons, the bottom is filled with concrete to create a ballast that holds it to the ground and prevents easy tipping over by children or pets.