alfa ref home pizza ovens
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You like a nice BBQ, but your kids love pizza? Alfa Ref introduces Fazenda, the garden Pizza Oven and BBQ to meet all your friends and family’s needs. Fazenda is the cooking device that everyone would like to have in their backyard. Made with refractory material, Fazenda is a wood fired oven and a barbecue in one solution specially dedicated to your garden.


alfa ref home pizza ovens

The Fazenda pizza oven and BBQ can accommodate any type of baking, from bread to pizza, without giving up the grills on the barbecue. It is the most popular among the brick ovens. Pyrometer and door are included, so you can have your oven hot and baking in less then an hour after mounting. Since it only requires wood to bake or grill, the Fazenda pizza oven and BBQ it is environmentally friendly and offers a lot of convenience to the user, allowing him to place it anywhere in the backyard.

Most families living on a house will first consider a grill for their outdoor kitchen area, but why add only a grill when you can have so much more, for just a little more money?! Why settle for less when the Fazenda will allow you to bake the most wanted food in the USA, the pizza, right in your backyard and using a traditional Italian method?


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With the recipes also available on Alfa Ref website you can be sure to impress your family and guests with just a little effort and an amazing Italian pizza cooked through burning wood that gives a unique taste only an outdoor oven can give. In this world where we are stuffed with ready-made and pre-frozen foods, the magic of the hardwood’s fire brings unique aroma to the food that relaxes the mind and will revive an almost forgotten taste experience.
The Fazenda combines in every home the traditional American BBQ with the art of Italian cooking and makes pizza and grilled foods attractive to people who want to enjoy quality cooking and time together.

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