Fashionable Furnishings from Top Clothing Designers

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Furniture making is a 30 billion dollars global market and a market where everyone would like a piece, especially fashion designers who have now seen that they can be very popular in the global furniture market.

In today’s economy, there are many people out there that have money to burn and like nothing more than to fill a multi-million dollar mansion with furnishings from all of the top fashion designers.

For this kind of consumer many doors are opened, mostly because they are less concerned about the cost, and more concerned about achieving the style they are after.

They want to make sure their space stands out from what others are doing, which can be done many ways by a talented interior designer, but nothing says exclusivity like branded fashionable furnishings made by their favorite fashion designers.

Fashion designers have massive followings and are already famous for the clothing and perfumes they create, so it is relatively easy for famous brands to enter the furniture market and usually become an instant success especially in the contemporary furniture and luxury furniture design area.

With today’s social media it is very easy for top brands to put new pieces of furniture straight to the front of the line, or even create a frenzy for older furnishings that are fashionable and in big demand.

Calvin Klein, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli or Armani Casa are only a few of the most recognized fashion designers that we feature in this article.

They have emerged on the furnishings and accessories market and reflect an aesthetic sensibility similar to their sister labels.

Here are a few stunning designs from 10 years ago to almost current date from fashion designers that have opened their eyes into furniture design.

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Armani Foglia Bed

The Foglia Bed, by Armani Casa, is a gorgeous example of modern and sleek, just like the fashion line itself. Shown here in molded wood, the bed is also available in leather and fabric.

Armani Foglia Bed

Armani Tudor Gold Screen

The Tudor Screen by Armani Casa is covered in gold leaf and makes a bold statement in a room. It is a piece I have seen used in at least one magazine article for a celebrity home showcase.

Gold is very popular, and though fashion tides will always turn, I would consider this piece a classic.

Armani Tudor Gold Screen


Versace Home Furniture

Versace leather is in rare form as it molds itself around this contemporary sofa. Its metal construction is pure quality, nothing less than should be expected from a design label of this magnitude.

Versace offers many other furnishings and home accessories, ranging through the different design styles.

Versace Home Furniture
versace vanitas home decorA retreat that is a beautiful example of transitional style.
versace pasha bedroom designThis space is far more contemporary in nature, but still carries a strong feeling of elegance.
versace venice bedroom

Though the headboard could easily be used in a traditional home, this space is a well-put-together example of eclectic styling.

The Versace Bubble Sofa. Was 18,000 starting price in 2010. What price now in 2019?

Fendi Furniture

Fendi also gets into the high-end furnishing arena and has an amazing line. The table shown is fashionably exotic, and proudly displays its maker’s logo in a striking metallic finish that contrasts against the faux croc leather.

Other brands have come in on a smaller scale, sticking to serving pieces, flatware, and accessories.

Fendi Furniture

Kate Spade Baristo Road Candelabra

Most notable are the lines from Versace, Vera Wang, and Kate Spade.

The Baristo Road Candelabra by Kate Spade. Shown unfolded and adorned with candles on the left, it also folds up and bends, as shown on the right.

One can only assume that it is meant to be packed up and taken on the road, just in case romance strikes and calls for a candlelight moment.

Kate Spade Baristo Road Candelabra

Baccarat Pendant Lights

Other high-end brands outside of fashion are also cashing in on this luxury consumer market by introducing their product into other applications. Baccarat, a brand known for its fine crystal, makes lighting pieces such as chandeliers as well as smaller pieces like the pendant seen above.

Baccarat Pendant Lights

The fashion and design industry are directly related. They always have been, and always will be. Trends ebb and flow, back and forth, colors go in and out, we have fashion and design revivals all the time.

So it is no surprise to me that a fashion designer would be drawn to design a sleek leather sofa after working with leather in their clothing lines. The same can apply to an interior designer; most have an acute sense of fashion and are drawn to brands that have a similar feeling to their design style.

If you are looking for exclusive products and design ideas, watch the fashion trends to see what is coming, and work with your designer to choose pieces that are classic rather than trendy.

Armani Casa Designs

Armani cabinet design
Armani Casa cabinet design

Jazz by Armani Casa that is featuring a unique design and is a fine piece of contemporary art and style.

The cabinet has stylish doors from mixed veneers that are merged in an exclusive way to offer an attractive and cool effect for a limited edition piece.

Calvin Klein Beds

calvin klein home bed
Calvin Klein home bed. A stunning design.

Calvin Klein furniture features clean, sleek lines same as his fashion collection. His furniture pieces are simple, sleek and elegant, and clearly, fit for people who enjoy furnishings without excesses.

At the same time, similar to the fashion area, Calvin Klein furnishings are probably some of the most affordable.

Louis Vuitton Sofa

Louis Vuitton Sofa
Louis Vuitton Sofa in amazing red.

Launched in the 1800s as a luggage manufacturer, the Louis Vuitton brand wasn’t until 1997 that entered the fashion world where it was an instant success.

Back in 2012, the company entered the furniture world. Their designs are addressed to a luxury and open-minded market, usually being very expensive and with an unusual contemporary look.

Diesel Home Furnishings

Diesel Home Furniture
Diesel Home Furniture. A stylish kitchen.

When talking about Diesel as a fashion brand, you’re probably expecting to talk about jeans, sunglasses or perfumes.

Would never cross your mind that they decided to design kitchen furniture and accessories.

The Diesel Social Kitchen focused on simple silhouettes with special attention paid to warm and textured materials.

Just a few words will never be enough to describe these famous designs, enjoy the rest of pictures below that contain, in order: the Galileo Table by Fendi, Loewe furniture collection, Paul Smith chairs, Ralph Lauren desk, the Roberto Cavalli bedroom collection and last but not least, the Versace sideboard and decide for yourselves which ones are cool enough to be shared.

Fendi Designs

Galileo Table by Fendi
Galileo Table by Fendi

Loewe Furniture

Loewe Furniture collection
Loewe Furniture collection

Paul Smith Designs

Paul Smith Furniture
Paul Smith Furniture

Roberto Cavelli Designs

roberto cavalli bedroom furniture
Roberto Cavalli bedroom furniture

Versace Furniture

Versace furniture design sideboard
Versace furniture design sideboard

All photographs above were taken from the respective brand’s websites.

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