Fashionable and Contemporary Floor Lamps

Contemporary Floor Lamps

Shopping for homey accessories gets dull quick when we just see the same pieces repeatedly. And that includes when it’s time to find a floor lamp. Everything seems to fit the traditional mold instead of venturing to more stylish and modern zones.

But don’t fret, whether you need some extra light in your living room or just something nice to fill a space in your home office, here are 5 fashionable floor lamps we think may just fit the bill!

Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp from Urban Outfitters

Fashionable and Contemporary Floor Lamps

We could definitely see this floor lamp from Urban Outfitters gracing a studio apartment or a small townhouse covered in neutral, heather gray-tones. It’s the perfect way to bring in easy light to a darker space, and the industrial style brings in a trendy feel.

ORE Arch Floor Lamp from Wayfair

ORE Arch Floor Lamp modern

For a super chic and posh style, just add this incredible floor lamp to your layout. The piece is only a bit over $100 from Wayfair and it’s the perfect fit for a living room with an open space or a bonus room with a relaxing, trendy design. The arch and multiple bulb lighting also gives off a futuristic and fun feel.

Possini Euro Design Floating Floor Lamp from Lamps Plus

Possini Euro Design Floating Rectangles Floor Lamp Modern

This is a more delicate styled floor lamp. It’ll give off a warm, muted light but still fit within the confines of a slick, modernly styled room. It’s got the sharp edges and fine lines that contemporary pieces need, but it’s also lighter with a more feminine vibe.

Perimeter Floor Lamp from Blu Dot

Perimeter Floor Lamp Modern

Funky and bit more edgy, this playful floor lamp may be what you need for your modern, yet contemporary, living room! We love how this lamp has a bit more personality, freedom and youthful appeal than the previous choices. But it still has a very contemporary, trend-worthy design.

Adesso Shimmy Floor Lamp from Walmart

Adesso Shimmy Floor Lamp, Chrome Finish Modern

This piece has a bit more feminine and dainty touch, which is perfect for a home office that has a frilly yet modern infusion. It’s a charming piece that’ll make a statement in any corner it’s placed it and it’ll also add needed texture to a bare nook.

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