Famille Garage is the name given by designer Alexander Seifert to its modular furniture set created for Richard Lampert and it is an elaborate children’s furniture system . The real interesting idea behind this special furniture collection is that each furniture piece its modular and can be adapted and changed based on the needs of childrens as they grow up. The collection includes storage, shelving, sleeping and seating units that can be adapted without the need to be changed.

Childern Furniture Collection

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The original and imaginative design of this furniture is inspired by the drawers and compartments of a workshop or a garage, and is exactly what makes this incredible collection special.
Just like in a real workshop, the pieces are multipurpose and transformable based on existing needs. The top surface of the changing table becomes a children’s craft table, while the lower section of the storage units can be rapidly converted into the legs of a bench. The storage unit itself becomes a shelf unit. To make changing diapers more fun Richard Lampert offers a beautiful changing mat made of bi-colored white faux leather and blue fabric, with stitching and decorative buttons.

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As your toddler grows and changing diapers is no longer a necessity, the chest of drawers transforms and can be used as a storage unit for toys and other things. For this you can order large colorful and food-safe storage boxes made ​​of polypropylene and available in yellow, red, green, blue or transparent.

Alexander Seifried designed the award-winning Famille Garage furniture system, that can be used from birth to school, inspired from his own childhood and imagination as a child. The entire collection of modular systems or even a single unit will be able to transform in a good way both the children’s room as well as your life as a parent.

Famille Garage Nursery Furniture Collection

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