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Get out of the box — literally — with a bookshelf that is anything but a plain rectangle.  From the designers of Unico Italia, the Equilibre LIB006 bookshelf is all about balance and geometry, not just storage space.  Its compartmentalized shape is honeycomb-like, with separate shelves branching out in different directions to display your books and collectibles.  For the things you want to keep out of sight to minimize clutter, the Equilibre LIB006 bookshelf includes a flat, handle-free push-pull drawer in its base for closed storage.  From the base, the spine of the bookshelf zigs and zags its way up the wall with shelves to the left and right.  Each shelf is partially backed by a flat panel to give depth and contrast to the accessories you choose to display.


Equilibre LIB006 Bookshelf: The New Library


The Equilibre LIB006 by Unico Italia is available in a white lacquered wood for an ultra-modern look that’s crisp and simple, or a natural wood finish that lends a slightly more casual and inviting feel to the shelf.  Even in rooms where space is limited, the small footprint of the Equilbre LIB006 bookshelf gives you the opportunity for contemporary vertical storage without losing your valuable floor space.


modern book storage ideas


This is a bookshelf with clean lines, a fresh style on a traditional piece of furniture, and ready to adapt to your home around the accessories you display.  Your storage and your library don’t have to serve a purely functional purpose; why not keep your favorite volumes in style with the unique shape of the Equilibre LIB006 bookshelf?