Entertain in Style with the Dover Island Sofa by D3CO

Do you love handmade Italian furniture? Or maybe you just have a thing for quality furniture? If you answered “yes” to one or both questions, get the Island Sofa by D3CO. It is the brainchild of Milan-based designer Marc Sadler and will light up your indoors with splendor. Just like an island, it luxuriously accommodates many people at once.


Entertain in Style with the Dover Island Sofa by D3CO

Dover Island Sofa by D3CO


 Dover is a large island sofa with top-notch aesthetics and very generous proportions. It bears a beautiful geometric pattern created out of contrasting cotton cords and upholstery. The cotton cords create a lovely web that forms the sofa’s heart and soul. Marc Sadler conducted an in-depth research on upholstery and filling materials before designing the unit. His end product is a creation that lends plush indulgence to spaces. The most unique thing about the Dover Island Sofa by D3CO is its backrest. It is made out of natural latex and is completely removable. It makes the sofa a versatile piece which can take on different compositions as per the needs and requirements of users. In addition to providing ergonomic comfort, the backrest comes in different upholstery options adding to the sofa’s overall allure.


island sofa by D3co


With a sleek modern design, the Dover Island Sofa by D3CO is undeniably the best furniture piece you’ll ever own. It is ideal for plush reception areas, luxurious lounges, and contemporary living rooms. It adds sculptural value to a space and will infuse your interiors with style. Whether in use or not, it is sure to enthrall.

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