Engage Your Senses: Seasons Wellness Rain Shower

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In a bathroom design, the shower head is often overlooked as a purely functional part of the plan, but the designers at System Pool are changing the way you think about a shower.  The Seasons Wellness Rain Shower is a sleek, innovative new way to think about a wall-mounted shower.  This easy-to-install and space-saving unit smoothly integrates into a contemporary bathroom design.  While the engineering may look high-tech, the Seasons Wellness Rain Shower is designed to simulate nature, with overhead water jet settings that imitate natural phenomena like rain showers or a cascading waterfall.


Seasons Wellness Rain Shower


The effects of System Pool’s engineering don’t stop with the water pressure, however.  The Seasons Wellness Rain Shower by System Pool takes bathroom luxury to a new level by engaging your senses with setting that incorporate color therapy via built-in LED lights and aromatherapy.  The simple control panel is a flat chrome wall mount with a detachable wand.  The low-profile look and streamlined controls belie the number of features and level of detail that go into the Rain Shower, providing a simple yet powerful piece of bathroom design.


Contemporary shower

Seasons Wellness shower


Taking a shower will become a new, immersive experience designed to leave you feeling refreshed.  Don’t ignore your shower in a great bathroom design; let System Pool’s Seasons Wellness Rain Shower show you what technology can do for your comfort and style.  Are you ready to redefine your shower, even your entire bathroom, thanks to the Seasons Wellness Rain Shower from System Pool?

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