Enduring Style: GRACE/MC3 Sideboard by Potocco

There are many reasons why sideboards have become home staples these days. They add beauty, provide ample storage, minimize clutter, and can be used in different areas. They are the embodiment of elegant organization and are loved by families with little children. When you want a sideboard that merges innovative design with contemporary style, get GRACE/MC3 Sideboard by Potocco. It is the brainchild of Mauro Lipparini who created it with modern homes in mind.


GRACE/MC3 Sideboard by Potocco


Ample space and dashing looks make the GRACE/MC3 Sideboard by Potocco a perfect focal point. It has 3 deep drawers that can hold all your dining room essentials. Make the most of it by customizing it to fit your needs. Display your art collection, garden flowers, holiday photos, or antique lamps on its top and give your guests something to talk about at dinner. GRACE/MC3 does not have a separate frame and legs, all its pieces are blended beautifully to create a sleek, unified look. You can get it in a natural finish or lacquered.


Italian sideoboard design by Potocco


Sideboards are no longer limited to the dining room these days. They can be used in the foyer, study, and even living room. They provide functional storage for cutlery, media equipment, and electronic gadgets. If you are looking for a versatile sideboard that can be used anywhere, get GRACE/MC3. It combines modern design with a homely atmosphere and offers a new approach to storage. It will complete the look of your dining room.

Of all its superb features, which one do you like most?