The Main Element: An Element Table 1
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Setting a table is an activity that many people like to do and many others just don’t.  So I guess it’s all a matter of “likes”.  For me?  Well, I like setting tables if only I had a nice cabinet right next to our dining table!  But we live in the city and so we are subject to coexist in reduced spaces and make the most of it.  And this is why we keep our tableware in the kitchen (we have a nice china cabinet there).

But then again, I confess I enjoy a formal setting ocassionally because it means that either we’re having guests, which is a very nice plan, or we are planning a special dinner just for us.  In such cases, I take out all the “ammunition” (so to speak) that I so dearly keep stored away.  But for those everyday moments, we just go to the usual “eating utensils” that we have more at hand.

The Main Element: An Element Table

So I wonder, how fun would it be to literally have your tableware waiting for you under the table?  I would say: a lot of fun!

And then comes Zach Schlossberg with a simple and oh-so-convenient idea: the Element Table.

The Main Element: An Element Table

The Element table has an integrated storage place for your tableware.  There are several drawers beneath the table surface in addition to convenient holes for placing bowls and drinking glasses allowing for a well organized and comfortable table setting.  You can even pull the dishes out of the Element Table neatly pre-placed on their wooden placemats!  It’s “elementary my dear Watson”!

There is also a special compartment for smartphones.  Yes, my dear phone-holics.  You must put your devices away while your dining; that’s what table ettiquete is all about.  But rest assured that the Element Table will take good care of them while you are enjoying some face-to-face quality time.

The Main Element: An Element Table

So if you are fond of organization and keeping things in order like me (hello, new best friend!), I couldn’t think of a better idea than this ‘element’ concept by Zach Schlossberg for our homes.

Source: Yanko Design