Electric Indoor BBQ Grill for People without Patios

If you love to barbecue and don’t have a patio area, an indoor BBQ grill can come to the rescue. For me, I really enjoy eating barbecue and also the fun in grilling things myself. It is not uncommon for apartments to have “no grill” rules for the fire safety of all of their inhabitants. This indoor BBQ grill runs on 1500 watts of electricity and is made by Breville. The top plate can be adjusted to any position to help control heat based on the type of fare being cooked. The top plate is ribbed which allows you to sear meat should you wish to. It comes with a drip pan that is dishwasher safe. The heat can be set between 350-450 degrees. An electric grill has an advantage here since it is easier to maintain proper heat. All is not lost if you cannot grill outside. A handy indoor BBQ grill can come to the rescue. Price: $249.
Breville electric indoor grill and BBQ

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