Electra: The Smart Faucet.

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Top notch technology design of kitchen sink faucets is not exactly something that you hear about regularly.  But that was before Electra.


Electra: the smart faucet


Valfsel Design Team developed a revolutionary and unique concept for modern kitchens: the Electra Kitchen MixerSeda Kilimcigoldeliogli and Ismail Cetinkaya are the creators of this unconventional electronic faucet that offers two different flow options with the touch of a button to get the minimum flow rate and temperature.  This feature is performed by the Eco mind mode resulting in a sustainable kitchen faucet.

Or… a smart faucet.


Electra: the smart faucet


Smart and exquisitely designed.  The electronic pad for controlling the water flow and temperature is conveniently placed on the front area for easy access.

But what about the idea of  ‘water meets electricity’ all-in-one?  To be on the safe side the creators added the hose component so that the water is always carried away to the end through the hose.  And in order to avoid contact between the display cables and the water, a different coring technique was used providing a safety casting.

And this leads to the most outstanding attribute: the capability of pulling down the digital faucet providing freedom of movement in the sink.   Basically, the faucet turns into a hose.


Electra: the smart faucet


This digital development is one big step against the conventional mechanical solutions attributed to this everyday object.  The project was launched in 2011 in Turkey and Switzerland and was later exhibited in Unicera in 2012.

Valfsel Design’s Electra was the winner of the Design Turkey 2012 Good Design Award.  This is not surprising as it is unlikely that a device with such characteristics could go unnoticed.

Electra: a smart solution for an ever changing smart world.


Photo source: A’Design Award

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