The Unusual Dressage Bathroom Collection by Graff 1
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The Dressage bathroom collection by Graff is here to reshape conventional bathroom furniture. Studio Lombardo Nespoli and Novara are the designers that partnered Graff to create a new concept of bathroom furniture, and their most luxurious furniture collection. They managed to create an outstanding collection that combines the Italian know-how with the American history.

designed for the bathroom

The pieces combine Canaletto Walnut with DuPont Corian for a stylish and contemporary round bath tub and remarkable mirrored vanity inspired by furniture design.
If you’re used to bathroom furniture sets with cabinets that hold the sinks, you can forget about them once you see the Dressage bathroom collection. Made using solid wood pieces that are exclusively handcrafted in Italy from Canaletto walnut, wenge or oak, this is a fully customizable vanity piece. The freestanding vanity unit is covered with a Corian surface and it can include a sink and be accompanied by a tray, shelf, towel hook, set of soft-close drawers and a rectangular, rotating mirror.

bathroom hardwood vanity set
The ultra-slim design of the console could fit into any bathroom without taking up a whole lot of space, and if you are super worried about aspect, don’t really need to, because the plumbing is hidden within so you don’t see any pipes or drains.

The tub is also made from a thermoformed panel of Corian, combined with solid wood to give a graceful, strong and beautiful look. Its angular cut along its entire section creates an invitation for entering and an elevated area that allows one to stretch and relax.

modern tub design ideas

Graff is a globally recognized producer of luxury faucets for the bathroom. The company positioned itself at the forefront of design creating designer-based collections for the luxury market, ideal to satisfy every personal need. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is an American company founded in the 70’s but backed by European tradition since 1922 after the acquisition of Valvex.

Dressage Bathroom Collection

dressage bath tub with leather headrest

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