Dream Modern Kitchen Design and Pictures 1
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I just came across my dream modern kitchen design that has most of the elements that I want should I be able to build in the future. The first thing that catches my eye in the pictures is the wine cellar storage underneath the island. I love the look it creates in the kitchen. If you are a wine fan, then this may be a nice touch. I will admit that there is quite a bit of storage so perhaps a scaled down version would be appropriate. One idea would be to put an ice maker or beverage cooler in one of the sections there. To the left of the wonderful Thermador refrigerator is a small station for a computer and cookbooks. What a nice idea! How often are you waiting for something to cook and have to stand in the kitchen? Here you can multi-task while spending your time there. You can also store all your recipes electronically which is a nice feature.

dream modern kitchen design

I do love the size of the kitchen island and the fact that there is a sink there. It would be easy to have barstools or furniture brought up on one side of the island for kids or guests. The stove and oven are beautiful. I love the size of this appliance and the amount of cook space it provides. I am not so sure about the cabinet color. I would maybe opt for a different color of kitchen cabinets. The sink along the right counter looks great with the window. I do like where the dishwasher is tucked into the space to the right of the sink. My favorite elements of this dream modern kitchen design are the wine storage, computer workstation, appliances, and size of the kitchen island.