A Dream Come True for New Parents: Rockid Rocking Chair

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New mothers have a huge responsibility to bear.  They work hard to build a happy home for the children, and often make newborns’ priorities higher than their own needs and comfort.  Self-sacrificing moms like these need a little of their own quiet and peace of mind while taking care of an infant, so the Rockid rocking chair offers the best of both worlds for hardworking new mothers and those important little newborns.


Rockid Rocking Chair


The Rockid chair by Ontwerpduo is the most practical and comfortable piece of furniture you can add to your nursery for daily multipurpose use.  A cushioned seat on one side offers support in the back and arms while new moms rock and relax with a book, while on the other side, a cradle is mounted adjacent to the seat so that infants are always close but mothers can sit independently.  Attached so that the cradle faces the chair, mothers can easily keep an eye on baby while rocking in sync.


unusual Rocking Chair


When the child falls asleep a new mother can relax and enjoy the chair while keeping the baby in easy reach, but without having to hold the child all of the time.  The ingenious convenience of the Rockid chair makes it a clear choice for nursery furniture.  Freeing up a new mother to relax while giving her the peace of mind that her child is close by is a priceless gift.  How will you, or the new mother in your life, use the extra free time and quiet that the Rockid rocking chair provides?

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