Double Vision Fireplace By Safretti Features A LCD TV As Well!

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When it comes to designing timeless contemporary fireplaces, no one does it better than Safretti. It is no secret that decorative fireplaces can really dynamize a dull space and are a great conversation starters too. The Double Vision by Safretti is no different and epitomizes how intelligent design is making its way to even the most utilitarian objects. This chic and modern fireplace comes equipped with a LCD display and meshes technology and design flawlessly. Designed by Jan Des Bouvrie, the eco-friendly ethanol fireplace is available in black and white finishes and is a testament to Safretti’s creative vision. The Double Vision fireplace can be ordered in any of the two sizes which are: 155x130x16cm with a 37″ TV, and 166x150x16cm with a 47″ TV.

Double Vision Fireplace By Safretti
Double Vision Fireplace With LCD
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