Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System Wins Red Dot Concept Award

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Have you ever wondered how many potentially harmful germs one can find on a regular knob or door handle? Well, without being able to give you actual figures, I’ll tell you that there are enough bugs out there to make your life miserable on the short or long run. So why not get yourself a Door Handle with a Self-Sterilization System? There is one such design, which, although not commercially available yet, won a Red Dot Design Concept and might be sent to production at some point in the future. The Self-Sterilizing Door Handle actually uses UV light to get rid of those germs I mentioned before and therefore would make your life a lot easier both on the short and long run.

Door Handle with Self-Steralization System 1.jpg
Door Handle with Self-Steralization System 2.jpg

Door Handle with Self-Steralization System 3.jpg
Door Handle with Self-Steralization System 4.jpg
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