Dishwashing Table Takes Care of the Dishes Once the Food Is Gone

Dishwashing Table Concept Design 2012

What if your kitchen table was able to clean the dishes once you finished your meals? Would you invest in such a modern piece of furniture for your kitchen?

The Dishwashing Table concept in the images below proposes us an all-in-one dishwasher and kitchen table. The actual dishwasher is right in the middle of the table and besides cleaning all the dishes as soon as the food is gone it will also help you keep them warm waiting for your next meal.

The Dishwashing Table would be an even more useful furniture piece / appliance for small homes where every square inch matters but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it for more generous spaces also.

Too bad it’s just a concept for now!

Retro. I do not think this idea caught on somehow…


Dishwashing Table 1.jpg
Dishwashing Table 2.jpg