Diplodocus Clothes Rack: Is That a Dinosaur Hiding In Your Closet?

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The Diplodocus Clothes Rack is an out-of-the-box idea for designing a piece of furniture we usually take for granted and don’t pay that much attention to, the closet, or at least part of it. The Diplodocus Clothes Rack comes in various shapes that will probably fit with most closets and, most importantly, that will fit with your various coats no matter how long they are. The Diplodocus racks are made of stainless steel and they have an electropolished durable surface, which is scratch-, wear- and corrosion-resistant and very easy to clean. The Diplodocus rack series has four different models, two mountable and two freestanding and they’ll certainly play nice with any closet or room. Are you ready to hide a dinosaur in your closet?

 Clothes Rack 1.jpg
Clothes Rack 2.jpg

Diplodocus Rack 3.jpg
Diplodocus Rack 4.jpg
Diplodocus Clothes Rack 5.jpg
Diplodocus Clothes Rack 6.jpg
Diplodocus Clothes Rack 7.jpg
Diplodocus Clothes Rack 8.jpg
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