D'espresso Cafe New York Has Everything Upside Down 1
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We’re always looking for interesting design and architecture ideas and today we have such an inspiring creation for you. The D’espresso Cafe New York is certainly a very creative place when it comes to interior design. The room looks as if a regular library has tumbled over on one of the sides. Everything rotates by 90 degrees, so the wooden floor actually becomes a wall while the bookcases filled with plenty of books occupy the new floor, the ceiling and a remaining wall. Not to mention that the former ceiling still provides all the light you’d need while defying gravity in the process. This D’espresso coffee place is definitely a good choice for going out, so if you happen to be in New York, do check it out!

Despresso Cafe New York 1.jpg
Despresso Cafe New York 2.jpg

Despresso Cafe New York 3.jpg
Despresso Cafe New York 4.jpg