Denon A100 Home Theater Collection

Celebrating its 100th year in business, Denon recently unveiled their anniversary product collection (A100) which will satiate even the most discerning Home Theater critic. The collection includes the following:DCD-A100 CD/SACD Player (SRP: $2,499) ; the PMA-A100 Integrated Amplifier (SRP: $2,499); DP-A100 Direct-Drive Turntable (SRP: $2,499); AVR-A100 9.2 Channel A/V Receiver (SRP: $2,499); DL-A100 Cartridge (SRP: $499); DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player (SRP: $2,499); and AH-A100 Over-Ear Headphones (SRP: $499). To experience their goodness you need to play the waiting game till November 2010, but I am sure its going to be worth it.

Denon A100 HT
Denon KT Collection
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