Decorate Your Home with French Patio Doors

I have always enjoyed the appeal of French patio doors in a home. The natural light that enters the room is healthy as long as it does not warm up the home too much. The small panes of glass add a touch of elegance and old world styling. French patio doors typically open up in at least two of the main frames of the door way. There are varieties that can slide on a track for more space challenged room settings. I remember the old sliding track glass doors of the 1980s where you put a safety rod in the door to prevent it being opened and prayed that the glass never broke. They were not very attractive. French patio-doors on the other hand, are very attractive. Many home owners choose to put up small curtains or hang blinds on the door to prevent unwanted sunlight in warmer months or to make the room darker for sleeping. The doors pictured here are available from Peachtree Windows. You can also find this patio doors at many hardware stores. Typically, they can be custom cut to fit the dimensions that you are seeking for the room. The biggest thing to remember is how much space will be needed to effectively open up the door and not hit a wall or nearby furniture. The most common mistake is not accounting for enough room for the doors to swing open.

French Patio Doors

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