DALA – The Colorful Outdoor Furniture Collection by DEDON

Here is a super cool collection of outdoor patio furniture that is like nothing we have seen before and we have seen a lot of great outdoor designs over the years. Designer Stephen Burks who is considered to be a rising star among the new generation of American designers created this most unique arrangement of rounded chairs, tables and footstools that are very fun and decorative. The DALA by DEDON is an interwoven structure and probably the first to combine the surface and the structure. The revolutionary fiber is created from recycled food-and-drink packaging mixed with recyclable polyethylene and is a great step in the right direction for recycling and re purposing the plastics that tend to over run our landfills. The elements are available in three fun colors that include Fire, Stone and Grass that feature a pattern of stripes of various thicknesses.

Here is a setting that makes relaxing outside comfortable and a bit more colorful and as you can see the DALA can go from casual to dressing surroundings thanks to a rather casual look.

Muted Earth tones of the Stone color really fit in with just about any outdoor setting if you do not like the brighter approach of the Fire Red or Green Grass colors. We like the combination of all of the colors here at FF.

The double wide lounge is perfect for two people to snuggle up and share a glass of wine and ample pillows in coordinated colors makes for the ultimate in comfort. See the rest of the exciting patio furniture from DEDON here.

The small chair and small side table work perfectly as an accent piece here and really work in well with existing color schemes. The rounded organic shaping brakes up the otherwise straight lines of the other items here in this setting. Do you have a room that could use a little more shape?