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Many professionals look at a design project and are able to envision how a home would look with creative accent walls. It’s true that we get used to our surroundings and over time may become numb to possibilities. We may ponder questions like, how can I change the look of this room? Often we look to furniture or adding accents like art, lamps or lighting. Another idea is to change colors or flooring such as tile or hardwood. In this article we are exploring other options. Think about accent walls and how that can change up the dynamic of a room. We found twelve decorative ideas and pictures that show a variety of styles from wood to fabric to paint colors. What amazes me is when I see the color and think that there is no way that it will go with the furniture or the home and yet it makes it much more beautiful. Last year, I created a red accent wall in our foyer. There were many doubters thinking me crazy and that it would look trashy. It turned out wonderfully. Any guest that sees the wall loves it and is amazed that red would work in our home, which was built in 1964 and follows more traditional design principles. Take a look at these fun photos and think about your own living space.

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Isn’t this wavy pattern great?  Consider the use of texture if you are looking to update a room.   From a design perspective, it creates an interesting look as most surfaces are smooth whether walls, ceilings and floors.



This technique will also work in a bathroom.  In the picture above you can see who the wood ties in well with the base of the bathtub.


I like the use of fabric in a bedroom design and think it more a personal touch here as this room is considered more private.  Notice that the sheets, headboard and frame are neutral colors which makes this overall look work.