simple luxury sideboard

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The Cosmos sideboard from Baltus Collection is a one of a kind piece of furniture specially designed for people with a developed sense of style and aesthetics. With a top covered in high gloss lacquer fibralac and the structure from sandblasted oak  paint coated and sitting on acrylic legs, this luxury piece of furniture will cost as a brand new car, around 14.000 dollars, but its worth every penny for who ever needs an extra bit of class in his living room.
Initially created as a storage unit for food, the sideboards were just a big wooden box with doors and drawers. Since then, the concept totally changed and nowadays sideboards have been reinterpreted and used in many different ways, becoming a design experimenting object that you can now find in many different shapes, colors and materials.
baltus collection furniture

The added value of the Cosmos sideboard, just like any other sideboard design, is that the upper surface can be completed with vases, photo frames or even mirrors and paintings to add a touch of color and style to that part of the house. Its particular design represents a new icon of Baltus Collection’s design belief and a combination between innovation and craftsmanship.

Cosmos Sideboard from baltus

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Cosmos sideboard it is an eye-catching piece that can be a mix of  a bookcase, storage and display unit, combining the storage capacity of a modern system with the graphic impact of the high quality design. A modern storage/display furniture piece characterized by pure lines and exclusive finishes that offers different options to contain, hide and show your valuables in a sophisticated combination.
The Baltus Group was created as a desire for combining art, science and culture, and this is shown in each piece created by this Mediterranean-based firm that’s a world leader in designing and manufacturing luxurious contemporary furniture for private or public areas.

simple luxury sideboard