Cook ‘n’ Roll Table Cooktop, Dishwasher, Sink, Oven, Storage Sanitizer

Until now I have shown you various ways of saving precious space when it comes to kids’ playing areas, bathrooms or home offices. It’s now time to look at your kitchen, especially if it’s a very small one. The Cook ‘n’ Roll is a concept that adds plenty of utility to your crowded kitchen while looking cool in the process. Acting as an all-in-one kitchen furniture piece, the Cook ‘n’ Roll offers you plenty of uses: cooktop, dishwasher, sink, oven, storage and sanitizer. The whole design is very daring and it proposes some ingenious solutions: an inductive cooking surface, sensory cleaning sticks (waterless dish-washing) and a sink, an infrared oven and a storage area. The Cook ‘n’ Roll is still just a concept for modern kitchens but we’ll definitely look forward for this one to hit stores.

Cook n Roll 1.jpg
Cook n Roll 3.jpg

Cook n Roll 2.jpg
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