Contura Airline Chair

Stylish Recliners from Fjords of Norway

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The Contura 2010 line from Fjords of Norway is probably the most detailed chair I have ever seen or felt. Designed by Svein Asbjornsen as first class airline seating, it is without a doubt first class seating.

The zero gravity technology allows you to transition into any position and lock the chair for hours of suspended comfort. The Fjord Contura features a manually adjustable tilt headrest and cushion that slides up and down allowing optimal head and neck support. Covered in high quality leather and hand made in Norway, this will soon be your favorite piece of furniture.

Fjords has a clear goal when designing furniture: Improve your living. This Norwegian company epitomizes this philosophy. They have been designing and crafting quality furniture for 70 years.

With knowledge about our needs for rest and movement, as well as for using modern technology, Fjords design chairs that will make your everyday life better and easier.

The functionality in the chairs is customized to suit your need for ergonomics and your body’s need for rest and movement. A stunning designed leather reclining chair.

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Contura by Fjords of Norway



The Fjord Contura 2010 Airline Relaxer in 2020