Home Offices With Contemporary, Masculine Edge

Home offices are such a luxury. If you have the space to not only be able to work from home, or at least do work away from your business’ office, you have the opportunity to create a space conducive to your own work ethic and personality. Inspired by contemporary styles, we also love mixing and matching other modern flair with that forward technique. So, let’s take a peek at some contemporary home offices with a unique, masculine edge.

Home Offices With Contemporary Edge

The sheer openness of this room is gorgeous, the natural lighting works in any style general and the smooth, wooden textures help to cultivate both the contemporary flair and the masculine edge. ┬áThe neutral foundation, navy accents and leather pops makes this home office not only a gorgeous place to be comfortable but also a work space that you’re proud to show off.

masculine contemporary home office

Black is always classic and powerful. White accents create a natural, contemporary style and every accessory has its place – and those accessories lack the feminine frills of a womanly abode. Between the slick light fixtures and smooth desk, it creates the a take-charge office that’s easy to work in but also one that you can easily make your own.

masculine office

This office has a bit more of a traditional style, but it’s clean edges give it that modern push we’re always looking for a inspired by. The cranberry-hues spun by the wooden walls make the lighting of this space bold and passionate. There’s a no-nonsense spirit swirling in this room, but there’s also a warm, inviting element that makes for the perfect “home” office balance.

masculine interior design

Again, the natural lighting makes this room pop. It opens it up and shines a light on that amazing desk. The fixture in the center of the room creates a great spot of interest and artistic essence, while the place of woods and navy hues works its magic in quite the masculine, yet creative, way.

luxury interior design

There is something about gold and black that always makes a statement. Whether in fashion or interior design, this combo may not be an instant classic like black and white, but it surely works every time in the modern world. It may not be as masculine as a wood and leather drenched space, but it does have a serious, fashion-forward style that deserves attention and respect.

all photos via Houzz

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