Contemporary Table and Seating Ideas for Your Breakfast Nook

Do you have a gorgeous bay window near where you pour your coffee every morning or just a tiny corner that you can create the most perfect breakfast nook out of? If you’re lucky enough to have a spot to enjoy your newspapers and Honey Nut Cheerios every morning, then you’re going to need some ideas on how to arrange your table and chairs. It’s too easy to create a setting that screams vintage-chic or cozy cottage, but what about gathering inspiration for creating a modern breakfast nook in the best gathering scene of the house?


Contemporary Table and Seating Ideas for Your Breakfast Nook

These slick and smooth benches fill up this nook in absolute perfectly symmetry. It’s incredibly youthful, contemporary and fashion-forward without being far too formal for a breakfast setting. We love the combination of light camel woods and charcoal prints, not to mention the printed throw pillows give it the extra pop it needs to finish the design.


Feminine Modern Breakfast Nook

Although we don’t necessarily associate bouts of wood with modern, contemporary styles. When it’s meshed with bright whites, metals and other vibrant colors, it helps to create depth, texture and surprise, especially in small spaces. This breakfast nook is light and feminine, but with an air of contemporary flavor that’s hard to ignore.


White Modern Breakfast Nook

Glass tables are always a great choice for those that are looking to create a modern style. Paired with bright white chairs that are already designed in a contemporary fashion and you’ve got an easy, no-mess nook. Let’s be sure to mention the fact that if you have large windows, with nixed curtains, the natural lighting helps to up the design too.


Industrial Modern Breakfast Nook

One of our favorite, modern pieces of furniture is the industrial-inspired table. Topped with wood and bottomed-out with a set of metal legs, it’s such an interesting and trendy piece. Then, paired with some faux leather or satin-covered benches you’ve got a magical nook full of fashion-forward flair.


Black and White Modern Breakfast Nook

Black and white is always a good idea. Always. And it’s a quintessential piece of classic modern design. So, no matter what the shape or size of your table and chairs, when dressed in this timeless duo, you’re set. Just make sure you’re aligning everything “just so” for a posh, sleek look.