Contemporary Plastic Based Illuminated Table

The Static Table is a clever play on the word “table lamp”  even though simply put it is an illuminated table. This distinctly modern table maybe made of plastic, however that hasn’t taken away from the general aesthetics. Designed and conceptualized by Dutch industrial designer Han Koning, the  table’s futuristic look is no coincidence. The illuminated table no doubt speaks a modern visual language. There also seems to be a genuine attempt to reinvent the archaic even though the designer uses a taboo material like plastic.

An arresting juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity, the Static Table has an illuminated white thermo forced PET-G plastic base and a coated MDF tabletop. Available in three different shades of hues, the illuminated table is actually part of the designer’s Static Plastic lighting series, which is equally riveting.

illuminated plastic table STATIC PLASTIC TABLE BY HAN KONING PET-G plastic table with light




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