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Brushed nickel is one of the most popular of styles of any type of hardware found in the bathroom. It’s versatile as it goes with a variety of interior design themes and looks without being too harsh or overbearing. With its silver sheen, it can easily fit into more modern arrangements and the most traditional of spaces, which includes in the bathroom, from the large master suite to the guests’ powder room. Let’s have a look at some 14 contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures dressed in the trendy and always in style brushed nickel.

A more luxurious and feminine design, this idea rounds out this contemporary yet lush space quite well. They provide the right amount of light without overpowering or becoming too harsh for its more sultry of styles. The sconces on the sides of the mirror also help to balance out the vanity with traditional ease.

Here’s a simple, contemporary solution that matches its surroundings with ease and simplicity. A three pronged choice is one of the more traditional of styles, but it also works great at a vanity setting so you get the right amount of light for your morning “getting ready” routines. We also love how these blend into the wall and the rest of the very clean lined decor of the room.

This space has ceiling cans, natural lighting from a corner window and the usual sconces atop the vanity mirror. All of them are more functional than stylish but we love how they blend in and don’t make a scene within this very modern and zen bathroom. The easy metallic finish helps to hide and keep everything simplified.

For a more traditional lavatory, you’ll need more traditional lighting ideas. The ones that surround this vanity bring about the right amount of soft accent and style you need to make this space complete. Again, the finish helps to blend instead of overpower or draw the eye, especially with the addition of the window in the corner giving off gorgeous, natural sun throughout the day.

These are more modern and fashionable pieces. But it works within the space since this vanity area has a very futuristic and posh essence. During the day you won’t need a lot of light since the sink looks right out into the backyard with the option for natural sun. But at night a bit of warm, soft hues will help to keep the bathroom welcoming instead of too harsh.

Here’s another three headed choice that has a more delicate and dainty feel. This model fits into this modern, yet feminine vanity space. This is a gorgeous setting for your master suite with the marble finish. But, as we pay attention to the lighting hardware, notice how again, they blend and create a balance unlike that of gold, copper or even black dressings.

Aren’t these examples gorgeous? They’re super modern and act almost as pieces of art for the bathroom as well as functional pieces for the space. Since this is another zen area, they fit right into the easy, organic overall style. They’re slender and they don’t take up a lot of space but they do help to transform this simple room into something with a special feel as the finish doesn’t take away from the design.

These are more gorgeous examples of ultra modern fixtures that are finished in a sleek, brushed-nickel. They blend well within this sleek and chic bathroom but they also create a statement all their own with their unique shape and bright ambience.

This entire space is lit with ceiling lights that are surrounding by a thing, brushed-nickel finish. This is perfect for a space that you need great lighting but you don’t need the extra bulk or distraction of large fixtures. These type of lights are blendable on their own, but their finish needs to be able to mesh and hideaway with ease as well.

The vanity lighting is very similar to a couple of the modern designs we have shown above, but we also have to point out the gorgeous, chandelier in the center of the space overlooking the beautiful, illusion tub. It gives the space a hint of femininity but also a very lush and chic style.

We are swooning over this small, simple and flowing idea. It has movement and design worth all on its own in its very compact frame. Again, this room doesn’t need a ton of lighting for the daytime as it has a window that gives off natural sun. But it still needs something around the vanity to deal with everyday functions and this piece does the trick!

Can you spot the lights in this space? Although you don’t need them on during the day, you’ll need some type of soft glow for the nighttime and these small, brushed options are the perfect choice. They don’t stray away from the minimalistic theme but they still provide the right amount of function and contemporary style this bathroom needs to maintain its vision.

Don’t be scared of choosing solutions that are a bit funky. A more simple finish will keep them toned down and out of the main focus, but it’s okay to go with a choice that may seem a bit outside the box. Like these sconces for example, with their wrap-around detail and architectural foundation, they provide a bit of art and interest to the walls