Combine decor and shelves with a Mobileffe wall unit

I am always looking for space saving solutions perfect for a loft or small apartment. I am also a big fan of setting up your own shelving system so that you can fit your own design tastes as opposed to built-ins. An added benefit is that you can rearrange shelving if you add a piece of furniture which changes the configuration of your room.

The Mobileffe wall unit system offers a way to configure a wall to fit your needs. From the pictures you can see that there are stylish components to choose from which will enhance the appearance of any room. The various cabinets, shelves, mantles, and other options allow for personal configuration tastes. One of the pictures showcases a more elaborate library offering attractive storage for a book collection. The other picture shows a more spaced out approach combining elements of shelving and cabinets on a wood background.

mobileffe wall unit shelves
Mobileffe wall shelving and decor

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