Home Interior Color Trends For 2014

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It’s a new year and it’s time to take a giant breath of fresh air in hopes of a successful, happy 2014. In the meantime, why not breathe new life into your home too? By using our compilation of Interior Color Trends for this year, your house will be on point in the style department and give you the boost you need to start this stage of your life off on the right foot. Take a look!

Green Apple

Home Interior Color Trends For 2014

Vivacious and bright-spirited, we love that green apple will be making a comeback this year in fashion and interior design. Like any other green, it gives a space an air of life and organic beauty. It’s perfect for an inspiring home office or even a guest bathroom!

Creamy White

Cream White Modern Kitchen

For an extra clean look or modern style, try to accent the with a rich, creamy white. It’s such a great way to create a foundation for any type of room, but it’s also quite sophisticated and stylish. Apart from a stark white, creams works well creating a design instead of just complimenting it.

Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose Home Office

Unique and refined, give your home a taste of vintage rose. But don’t let the “vintage” fool you. It does surprisingly well in modern, chic rooms and mixed with blacks and silver shades. I’d love to dress my home office in this warm, boho-flaired color.

Opal Blue

Opal Blue Bedroom

Not powdery and not quote royal, there’s something so refreshing and clear about a pure and rich opal blue. It’s light and bright, but it’s all all encompassing and serene. It’s the perfect way to coat a room you need to use for a bit of rest and relaxation, a place to focus or just a place to entertain loved ones. And this one looks great in any form or fashion.

Dainty Coral

Delicate Coral Bathroom via

More delicate and dainty than a mango orange, coral works wonders in any nook or cranny of the house. From the kitchen to the breakfast nook, from the master bath to the home office, all the way to the guest room and patio, it works anywhere. It also pairs in delightful ways with blushing pinks and even midnight blacks and blues.

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