Coffee Bench Offers Plenty of Seats And Even Tables

The Coffee Bench is a smart modular furniture idea that can be used both indoors and outdoors and can act as a regular bench when plenty of seating is required but it will easily be transformed into a table-and-chair all-in-one solution ready to fit your various needs. This innovative seating / table is made from various rotating elements which will help you create any particular setup you desire in order to accommodate your coffee beverage, any other objects, yourself and then some extra guests. The Coffee Bench is made of your choice of material: plywood, MDF, injection-molded plastic, cellulose or honeycomb cardboard and there are various lengths available, from 1 to 3 meters, that would make your custom Coffee Bench easily accessible no matter where you’d place it. Via Beyond Studio

Coffee Bench 2.jpg
Coffee Bench 3.jpg
Coffee Bench 4.jpg