Closet Organizing System by Elfa

A Great Closet Design For All Your Clothing

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I had a bit of time last week to do some work around the home and one of my projects was getting into my closets. Does the challenging question seem to be am I organizing my space as best as possible for the limited space that I have? Currently,

I have some built-in shelves and racks already in place to store clothes and shoes. I wonder though, would I be better off if I had a rectangular closet with nothing in it that I was allowed to finish out?

Perhaps, in my next place, I will have that chance. I do like the closet organizing systems by Elfa as pictured here. I have their shelving in my garage currently and it has worked out fantastic. This is the birch and white model.

Price: $798. Elfa is designed to be a custom solution to fit your specific space requirements much like California Closets.

Elfa Closet Organizing System

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