Having seen the new Alpha Deco Collection, I was floored by the exquisite detail from the maker, Clive Christian Interiors.  All of the sets are so full of energy that is nearly unparalleled in the furniture industry today where you see some many disposable items that are hastily made with extremely poor construction.

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The kitchen pictured above is a great place to start.   What a great long kitchen island that allows for seating and ample space for food preparation.  Having windows peer into cabinets is a great look though you have to keep the contents inside tidy.  I really liked the LED lighting above the stove.  It is so important to see the color of things when cooking to ensure that food is cooked just the right amount.

This is an impressive library that no doubt my wife could fill up with legal books.  The grand piano is a classic touch and blends well with the more modern lines and edginess of the space.  A fireplace keeps the room nice and warm making it a great place for family to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Here is another look at the kitchen, but with different colors.  The marble is much lighter showing the wonderful grain.  All the colors tie together so well.   I also like how the appliances all fit neatly into the wall and don’t stick out.

There is something about the boxy seating area that grabs my attention.  I think the rigid lines and angles make this piece so wonderful.   The room theme speaks to me as modern, but has such a tie back to more traditional motifs.  It is not easy to pull off combining two decorating styles into one and blend them together, but Clive Christian Interiors did so with grace and poise.

I have to admit the first thing I was saw in this image were the wonderful views of the beach and ocean.  I can see myself cooking breakfast, sipping on some coffee and gazing out onto the beach.  This is a slice of heaven!

Alpha Deco Collection by Clive Christian Interiors

This is my favorite view of the living room.  I found the two accent chairs and sofa to be very stylish.  Inspiration for the Alpha Deco Collection came from geometric linear principles while bringing in touches of minimalism and Art Deco.  The lines of the furniture and in particular the trim is where I can see those subtle influences.  I think the greatest thing of all is how all of these pieces come together to make one beautiful room.

Designer Kitchen with Marble and Stainless Appliances

Interior Design for Large Dressing Room in Home

This dressing and closet area is crazy big.  Keep in mind that the goal is to highlight the furnishings.  Notice the great white stool and all the hanging space.  I do like that some of the hanging storage is open whereas others are hidden behind doors and with some of them using frosted glass for more privacy.