Cleanly Designed: Ghost Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire

Ghost Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire are ultimate home décor accessories. There is nothing like bringing warmth to your interiors with modern appeal while adding a striking decorative fireplace into your home. The Ghost is an invisible fire place fashioned from toughened glass and stainless steel that can beautify your place significantly. Adaptable to your contemporary home they can serve any space, and provide necessary warmth without being overbearing and obtrusive.

Ghost Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire

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The see-through reflective glass panels differentiate this designs from others. The toughened glass panels enhance the captivating flame and add ambience and warmth to your living room.  The Fireplace by EcoSmart has a unique flexibility and portability that enables it to be easily positioned in different rooms. Constructed from an EcoSmart Ab3 burner, which is an efficient 2.5-liter burner that can take the chill off for up to eight hours. It will be an amazing experience to enjoy the beauty of fire via see-through panels, while entertaining your guests and family in your home.


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Besides the design the Ghost Fireplace is fueled by readily available, clean burning and environment friendly bioethanol. Therefore, when you use the Ghost Fireplace for eight hours continuously, simply refill and continue to enjoy hours of ambiance and warmth. Are you planning to entertain soon? Where would the perfect place be in your home for the Ghost ?

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