At first glance, you might mistake the peaks and curves of this headboard for an ornate French-Rococo style, but then you’ll quickly be surprised to find just the opposite is true.  The Favela Bed has a deconstructed form and recycled, found quality to it.  Designers Fernando and Humberto Campana take shabby chic to a new level for Edra.  They started with a wooden frame, like most beds, but purposefully played with the original context of what a finished product looks like.


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Rustic Chaos and Art: Favela Bed by Edra

bed made from pieces


The Favela bed by Edra looks unfinished because of the natural pinewood boards in varying sizes, all nailed together in layers.  This piece is anything but rickety, though, so you’ll be sleeping comfortably for years to come.  The base of the bed itself is a regular slat-wood frame; the designers simply overlaid their look to achieve the texture and depth they wanted.


Favela bed

natural wooden bed


Now you can have a unique bed with all the elements of modern design: natural materials, texture, depth, and a strong shape.  As the focal point of the bedroom, the headboard, with its crisscrossing lines, won’t fail to capture your attention and hold it.  The chaotic shape has an air of excitement and spontaneity that comes from the natural, free structure.  When the bed is made up with soft linens, the contrasting textures of unrestrained pine boards and flowing, smooth sheets will be complete.


Modern art meets your bedroom in the Favela Bed.  Can you feel the excitement it will bring?