Cloth stands and coat racks have attracted a bad rap. Some can be outmoded and shabby creating an unpleasant look and feel to an otherwise modern space. However, the growing popularity of contemporary clothe racks has introduced storage solutions that can stand as decorative pieces in their own right. Forget about old-fashioned wooden racks and walk-in closets, the Godot Clothes Stand is a fantastic hanger, a striking attraction on its own. In designing this piece, Alberto Brogliato daringly experimented with relevance, convenience, style, and imagination to come up with a rack that can be utilized in both private and public spaces.


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Captivate with the Godot Clothes Stand by Plust

tree shaped acrylic clothes hanger


Strikingly unusual, this piece borrows from natural elements to create an impression of tree branches. Its abstract construction brings whimsical, fantastic accents that will add an aura of casualness merged with sophistication to any space. Solid, subtle curves add to its ‘cool’ factor. The Godot Clothes Stand by Plust combines contemporary aesthetics with everyday functionality. Equipped with a conspicuous hollow at the center that serves as an emptier, Alberto Brogliato designed a futuristic piece that offers varied storage options while still maintaining its outwardly aesthetics.


contemporary clothes hanger design


If versatility is really important to you, Godot’s ability to fit into small spaces as well expansive ultramodern settings will appeal to you. Install it in your entryway or living space to provide a modish cloth-hanging solution. With its interchangeable hangers that come in different colors, this stand will easily merge with diverse interior color themes.

Which hanger color would best complement your abode?