Dedon’s Canopy for SwingUs, The Ultimate Hanging Sofa

The Swingrest, two seats, Canopy for SwingUs is the ultimate hanging sofa. While it shares half of its name and much of its design and structure with the Nestrest, the Swingrest collection aims to be in a different category. Perfect for suspending outdoors or even indoors, Canopy for SwingUs comes in two different fiber colors: Chalk and Natural.

Canopy for SwingUs ultimate hanging sofa
The new Swingrest collection product, is truly the personification of the Dedon philosophy of living. Now available for lovers to swing together in cozy comfort, the SwingUs hanging sofa is the extension of SwingMe, Dedon’s design for singles, but introduces a longer and more sofa-shaped design in the collection.

The design offers a very exclusive way of outdoor relax in a private atmosphere. The love-seat can be covered and will give the feeling of an intimate room. This furniture gives a whole new meaning to the philosophy of outdoor living! The two-seater is available as pendant version that can be hanged in a tree or under a porch or for the most conservative, it comes as a standing model on aluminum legs.

daniel pouzet hanging furniture ideas

Made especially from outdoor acrylic fabric, the hanging sofa has also a mold-resistant, soil-resistant and water-resistant finishing with Teflon. Conceived as an addition of the iconic Swingrest collection, this unique hanging lounge system is the creation of acclaimed French-Romanian designer Daniel Pouzet for Dedon.

Daniel Pouzet is a designer that has taken advantage of his many professional experiences throughout the world by constantly developing his architectural projects towards new creative fields. Always in a search of finding a contextual response to projects, Daniel’s designs for Dedon became quickly recognized as outdoor furniture icons.

Named by the critics the world’s first floating outdoor living room, the collection of hanging chairs, sofas and beds is so playful and inviting it could have come only from Dedon.

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two seater floating sofa

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