The Camilla Rocking Chair by Cantori: Comfortable Elegance

There is an untold comfort and a sense of respite brought on by the silhouette of a rocking chair. Soft, rhythmical rocking and inviting coziness epitomize its distinct allure. The Camilla Rocking Chair by Cantori is a careful combination of classic, edgy, and a clean, minimalist aura. Its gentle lines and solid curvature espouse the designer’s success in creating a comfortably chic piece that will add a soft touch to any interior.


Camilla Rocking Chair by Cantori


Ensnared between two bended iron frameworks and garnished with modern upholstery, the Camilla Rocking Chair by Cantori is a complete reincarnation of retro design merged with classic sophistication. Its sleek electroplated legs are brought to smoothness through wire welding and careful hand-rubbing. With its soft lines and silky texture, the wire framework perfectly complements the gentle curves of the main seat. In addition to acting as a dependable buttress, the continual metal framework serves as an armrest on either side of the seat.


modern rocking armchair design


Built from bent and shaped wood, the seat embodies a subtly arched design that gives off a sense of repose and restfulness. The wooden shell is carefully padded with double density foam rubber and covered tautly with smooth hand-tailored rubber upholstery to emulate each curve of the chair’s gentle silhouette. Ideal for social relaxation, Camilla will add a sensation of homeliness to any living space without compromising the overall elegance of the interiors. Remarkably adaptable, it will also offer gentle companionship in the bedroom or sunroom.

Which room in your home could use a classic-retro rocking chair?