bulky armchair design

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Designed by Gestranius & Lahtinen for LoOok Industries, The Bulldog armchair is a chair with a bold character and a surprising design. The bulky design with large armrest will make this look alive, comfortable and impressive.
The Bulldog armchair is a piece that can be used as a stand alone chair to complete the living room or the bedroom or as multiple items in larger spaces and public areas. The cozy design, based on a resistant wooden and steel structure allow this collection of seats to be arranged in domestic environments, as well as more demanding contract areas. You can choose the colors you like to fit your interior, and it can be upholstered in fabric or leather, depending on your needs.

bulky armchair design

The distinctive features of the Bulldog armchair are the exclusive oversized armrests that catch attention and create a particular and pleasant geometric decoration that can be admired from various angles.
What started in 2009 as a simple idea of two young designers, becomes now almost ten years later one of the most recognized brands dedicated to relaxation and noise reduction furniture design.
LoOok Industries concepts are intended to make any space more useful and appealing, and help those who are busy to get more done, either on their own, or by collaborating with others. Just being able to sit comfortably and casually seems to help us open up and have more fun. If only we had these benefits wherever we went.

Colorful and Cozy Chair

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Same as most LoOok Industires designs, the Bulldog armchair gives people who are looking to relax and chill a welcome break. Its generous sizes and cushioning that is particularly soft and comfortable make it ideal for family intimacy and also a perfect seat for a more formal and exclusive ambient. Once you seat and relax in this amazing seat you’ll probably be haunted by a single thought: bigger is definitely better…at least sometimes!

The Bulldog armchair

Moulded polyurethane foam seat

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large recliner armchair

cozy leater armchair

comfortable gray oversized chair

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