BrickBox Modular Bookcase Will Adjust to Any Space

Today we’re looking at yet another piece of modular furniture, the BrickBox modular bookcase, which has been designed to fit any kind of space. So if you have a tiny and crowded apartment then this design might be specifically made for you. The BrickBox is a bookcase composed of various boxes that can be moved around in order for the bookcase to follow the shape of the wall and adjust to corners. Not to mention that, once you’re ready to move, each box becomes, well, a box, in which you will be able to transport all the stuff you have. There are three kind of boxes to take advantage of, Reinforced Boxes, Standard Boxes and Small Boxes, which are all made of birch plywood of 10mm and are waiting to become a part of your new bookcase.

BrickBox 1.jpg
BrickBox 2.jpg

BrickBox 3.jpg
BrickBox 4.jpg
BrickBox 5.jpg
BrickBox 6.jpg
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