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Fancy having an office within an office? Try the Break-Out modular furniture from Malcew. Designed in the shape of tree houses, the pieces will not only add function to your interiors, but they will also add intrigue and interest. They are versatile and can be positioned separately or joined together depending on the task and need. The furniture was initially designed for a co-working office space in Singapore but became widely popular due to the increase of large and shared working spaces. It incorporates cushions that can be pulled out and placed in a room to create the desired office setup. The pieces offer a variety of solutions and can be used in different contexts.

The Break-Out modular furniture from Malcew provides a place for focus and contemplation. The flexible tree houses offer a range of compositions. They can be joined together for spontaneous meetings or placed separately to create privacy. Since they are not fully enclosed, they create a sense of privacy. The tree houses are enclosed on two sides and open on two sides to ensure that colleagues work together or alone when they want to. With white oak finishing on their outer parts which enhances their natural aesthetic. Vibrant hues adorn their interiors making them playful and attractive.

If you envision an office with a high level of originality and dynamics, get these stylish furniture pieces. Highly versatile and modern, they will forever change the way you perceive space. Does the Break-Out modular furniture fit your discriminating personality and style?

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