Bosun’s Gig Bookshelves Show off Your Belongings, Starboard to Port

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Whether you’re a boating enthusiast or just a dreamer with an imagination as wide as the ocean (or, more reasonably, the local lake), the Bosuns Gig shelf unit from St. Louis Loftstyle will set your books and tchotchkes adrift at sea without ever leaving the confines of your study.  The inventive shelving unit is by all means a conversation piece when presented against an empty wall, drawing out its unique, repurposed look and lending a worldly feel to even the plainest of offices.  Equally enthralling to old-school watersport enthusiasts and folks who just plain like interesting furnishings, the Bosuns Gig can hold dozens of books, picture frames and tokens from global adventures.  Just be sure to tuck a Hemingway classic or two into one of its shelves to remind it of home.  The units are $690 apiece, and quantity discounts are available in case you’d like to line an entire wall with them or give them as gifts – which, quite frankly, would easily make you the captain of your block. (Dimensions: 12″ L x 73″ W x 27″ H)

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